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Ubisoft Montreal

Just wanted to say… I have moved to Montreal 3 months ago to work for Ubisoft Montreal on Assassin’s Creed franchise. It. Is. Awesome. The studio, the tech, the game, everything is top notch. No wonder they did such an awesome job on their games so far. I can’t find words to describe how it is to work on a franchise that is one of my top three game franchises of all times. Sometimes I’m afraid it’s just a dream and I’m going to wake up some day… 🙂



Battlefield 3

Sorry. I’m addicted to Battlefield series and BF3 is not helping me fight this addiction at all. Unfortunately Frostbite 2 is even farther away from having included editor. So the only thing left for me is to play it 🙂 Anyway, these are my stats so far:

BF3 Stats

Graphics Section Updated

I’ve finally had the time to update my portfolio a little. You can find some pics of new props here. There’s a fancy new gallery there 🙂 Have to update other pages as well some day…